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How to put the Information module in the footer in OpenCart without editing the source code PDF Print E-mail

Not being a programmer, it’s taken me a while, but I’ve started to work out how OpenCart works. So when I decided I wanted to try and put the Information details in the footer without editing any source code it wasn’t too hard.

Firstly you need to load the SEO URL tool (incase people are using SEO URLs, which they should be) and you need to load the Information language module (to allow for different language options). After that you can use the getInformations() function to access most of the Information module.

getInformations() doesn’t include “Contact Us” or “Site Map” for some reason, so you have to add them at the end. Apart from that, it’s pretty straightforward. Here’s the code:

Edit: This now includes adaptations as suggested in the comments following the article. That’ll teach me to post before I’ve fully tested!

Second edit: This now doesn’t include the adaptations as suggested in the comments because I worked out how to make it work without having the Information module enabled. This should work perfectly now.

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